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When is it better to moving — favorable days according to the lunar calendar, signs and customs

       Today, when faith in signs has firmly entered our lives, when many of us determine a favorable date, a favorable day / days for moving on the lunar calendar or being guided by the rules of Feng Shui, it is worthwhile to approach the study of this issue thoroughly, once and for all. Who knows, maybe a favorable day on the lunar calendar will allow your relocation without a hitch, if you completely believe in signs. But without the help of professionals, I must say, you can not do. So if you have to move to a new apartment or to a new house, we will help to provide for everything to the smallest detail.


        Moving is an important matter, then you need to start it in favorable calendar numbers. If you decide to change your place of residence, plan this event in advance. Don’t moving in the summer, (if possible, postpone the moving until the fall). Please note that it is better not to move to dates that are not on the list, as this is not the best period for this event.

        The influence of the moon on the life of the planet has long been established by scientists. Being in the Earths character at birth has long been known, but also do not forget about the further impact exerted by them. In conjunction with the mysticism of the moon, one should pay tribute to their strength. It all depends on the movement of the satellite and its location in the constellations of the zodiac signs.

        When planning an event such as a move, which in itself affects the future, it is necessary to take into account the factor of cosmic influence. To do this, you do not need to independently take calculations of the lunar phases and its passage in a particular zodiac house, because there are already ready-made tables.

        Moving is usually not planned in one day, and this event is associated only with positive emotions. To preserve the mood, and in order to avoid the negative influence of extraneous factors, you should compare the day of this event with the lunar calendar, designed for such an event.

       Astrologers have specifically studied the influence of the lunar phases on this event, so that you can attract the positive charge that gives the mystical influence of the moon. The dates shown in the table will affect the good fortune when moving.


       Aries love change, so a change of residence for them always ends well. In the year of the Rooster, astrologers recommend moving the purposeful representatives of this sign. For Taurus, 2020 is not the most successful period for housing changes, so it is better to focus on arranging the old «nest».

       Crayfish can only move when in the old place they were unlucky. It is better for the lions to direct the move towards the northwest. New housing for Virgo will bring better health, move south. Libra needs to move towards the east for a change in his personal life.

        Lack of financial well-being is an occasion to pack things for Scorpio; moving abroad this year is especially successful. Capricorns are associated with stability, so you should not move. Pisces, Aquarius can change housing if they want to get really significant life changes.


       Let’s understand together and study together what folk wisdom dictates to us on this account, which days of the week are more suitable for organizing a move, and which are less and why.

  • Monday. Just want to add — «a hard day.» The people this day is not considered particularly favorable to plan new business and settle in a new place. Folk wisdom advises to wait. But it will not take long.
  • Tuesday. It has long been called the day of travel and new discoveries. The people believe that on this day you will be lucky.
  • Wednesday. Unfavorable for moving to a new house or to a new apartment. The people say that, having moved on Wednesday, you wont get too many guests.
  • Thursday. Promises a fair wind. The day is neutral in every way. Moving — so to moving.
  • Friday. Almost the sister of Monday. On this day of the week, it is better not to start new business and not go on the road. Postpone new beginnings, for example, until the next day.
  • Saturday. That’s just the sister of Tuesday. The day when everything good, the work goes well, and all endeavors are accompanied by success. Are we moving?
  • Sunday. A day that definitely needs to be devoted to relaxation. You rest. And we will take all the most difficult work on ourselves.


       If you have not found the answer to the question of when to moving, neither in the lunar calendar, nor in folk wisdom, it remains only to turn to Eastern philosophy and, thus, make luck work for yourself. According to Feng Shui, choosing a home, you choose your destiny. By changing your place of residence, you can confidently try to change your destiny. Why not?

  • The rules of Feng Shui move teach us to choose a day (this can be done according to the Feng Shui calendar, which is now on sale). Always and in any situation, the date of birth of the owner of the house will be favorable for moving.
  • Feng Shui rules also warn us to move to a new apartment in the evening or at night. It would be nice if your apartment move took place in 1 day. We will easily arrange it.
  • You cannot enter the new house empty-handed. It is believed that every member of the family should bring something with him. The first to contribute the most valuable things, as this contributes to prosperity and family well-being.

        And yet, as true Feng Shui experts claim, leaving your former home, leave cleanness there. Then new housing will welcome you energetically. Yes, every person leaves his mark in the house. It does not depend on us at all. This interaction of home and man on a subtle level is invisible, but it is. And its significance is enormous. Therefore, when moving, mentally thank your house for everything that was — both bad (it was a lesson) and good (it was happiness). Imagine holding a basket. Walk mentally with her through all the rooms, remember the pleasant moments and release the sad ones, take your energy and all the good memories with you to the new house, to the new apartment.

        We confidently declare to you that with the moving specialists of the Stear Moving Company, any days are favorable days for moving in 2020! Therefore, let the prospect of a future move no longer scare you. We will arrange your move in accordance with all the rules. And in the new house you will be waiting only for prosperity, health, wealth and success. Call us now: (747) 214-98-04.


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