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       Apartment relocation in Los Angeles (SF valley) is one of the most popular services in the transportation market of our city. Like it or not, but, probably, every person in his life at least once encountered the problem of transporting various things from point A to point B, and therefore he surely knows that this is a laborious and responsible process. That’s why one of the most popular services in the trucking market in our city is organization of apartment relocation in Los Angeles (SF valley). Suppose, if you have a personal car, then you can move yourself, but it’s easier and faster to entrust your move to a new apartment or house, the delivery of housegoods, to real professionals.

Especially complex ones like MOVING A PIANO or MOVING A GUN SAFE

House relocation Los Angeles (SF valley): profitable, fast, high quality

       Moving to an apartment in Los Angeles (SF valley) for you will be a simple and expeditious event, because from our range of services you will receive extremely maximum comfort and positive emotions. We offer each client:

services of a professional team of movers-furniture makers who can not only perform loading and unloading, but also disassemble your furniture, pack it, and also return it to its original appearance in a new apartment;

rational development of scale, which will allow you to save time and money on industrial crossings;

Efficiency and simplicity of the application: our dispatchers will quickly answer your calls or contact you after completing the feedback form and arrange the move of the apartment;

a wide selection of special equipment, which you can order taking into account the scale of your moving;

our company gives a guarantee that each client will receive not only high-quality services, but also will move cheaply;guarantee of the safety your cargo.

House Relocation Services Los Angeles (SF valley). People trust us

        It is necessary to carry out a professional Los Angeles apartment move at a low price, the price of which suits you — choose the Stear Moving company, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of our customers. The Stear Moving service offers you to order moving to an apartment inexpensively, but efficiently, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of our customers. In addition to apartment and home removals, you can also order a car for moving from an apartment to a cottage or moving a whole office. Each application is considered individually in the shortest possible time. The Stear Moving team can easily help you cope with the delicate relocation of any scale and any complexity, relocating from your parents to a rented, larger, smaller, old apartment and also raising building materials. We guarantee the integrity and safety of the cargo, and are also responsible for the quality of your relocation. To ensure that you are always satisfied with the services that our company provides, we recommend that you pay close attention to some nuances. Before ordering a competent apartment move with movers to assemble and disassemble another apartment in Los Angeles, prices should be checked with the dispatchers. The cost of the service will depend on the following factors:

1. Which car is suitable for moving. Depending on the dimensions of the cargo, its weight and volume, be sure to consult with our manager what type of transport is necessary for your moving. So, in the arsenal of our company there are cars of various tonnage that can easily deliver your things to a new address.

2. Before ordering services, specify how much an apartment move costs, calculate whether you need the help of loaders-furniture makers, boxes for moving to another apartment, garbage collection. If you are making an apartment or office move, indicate whether disassembly and assembly of furniture is required on site.

3. Do you want your household appliances, dishes, furniture, accessories and other personal items to be packed and what type of packaging you would like to carry out.

4. The price range of freight transportation services is an equally important nuance, which should also be agreed upon in advance. Better, before you finalize the application for the correct relocation of a apartament from parents to your apartment, check the full cost of services.

5. Trucking services are always in demand. So ordering a car for moving is in advance, optimally — in 1-2 days. This will give you extra time to prepare and save money for an “last minute” move.


Is the small friendly business that is over 4 years in business. We do 3-5 moves every day since 2015 and we only have 5 stars feedbacks.

People love us because we always try to do our best, we give honest and competitive quotes and we always do what we promise.

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