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Read and find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our service.
What is a freight forwarder?

Is that any extras I’ll have to pay? The only extra we charge is double driving time. But only if it exceeds 10 miles between the pickup and drop of address.

Do I need an estimate for my move?

Every move is unique however if it’s a 1, 2 bedrooms apartment or a small office the estimate is not required. If your housing is 3 bedrooms apt and up, and you think you have a lot of stuff we are happy to provide our free on-site estimate.

Is it possible to get a flat rate?

«Stear Moving» company operates with hourly rates which means you pay the actual hours around. We can provide the not to exceed price for some completed moves upon request.

How can I reflect on my final bill?

Each movie is unique but we have seen a lot. The best way to keep your bill down is to be prepared well. If «Stear Moving» is not packing your items and not unpacking just make sure, all the boxes are prepared, label and taped. Try to measure your bulky items to determine fitment info the doors. «Stear Moving» will disassemble your furniture and takes the doors out with pleasure, but if you are looking to shortcuts, you could do it by yourself before our team arrives.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

If usually better to sending requests within 3-4 weeks before the move date.

What date of the mouth should I choose to pay less?

The middle of the week, Monday — Thursday are lower demand have most convenient weekends are more expensive during the high peak. Also, you have more chances to save if you will choose beginning of the month from 5th to 22nd days the month.

How movers will know where to place my belongings?

«Stear Movers» always ask a customer to make a quick walk through a new place to understand how is better to organize the unloading process. Label all of your boxes to ensure they end up in the room you are want them to be. Use kitchens, master bedroom, living room, garage labels.

Will Stear Movers help to arrange the furniture in my new home?

Absolutely, but make sure you figured if out before the move, it will be hard to make a changes while some of the stuff is already unloaded and staying on the way.

Should I ask my family or friends to help movers unload the truck?

Moving process is a little bit of science. All our guys are trained and know what they do. At this point is better to let your friends help to prepare the stuff to ship before the «Stear Movers» arrive. Sometimes friends who want help slow down the process and make the move costly in the end



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