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Transportation of gun safes and ATMs Los Angeles (LA).

      A special type of cargo transportation, which is highly labor intensive and complex, is the transportation of gun safes and ATMs in LA. This type of cargo can be classified as oversized, valuable and especially heavy, especially gun safes and ATMs have a holistic design that eliminates the possibility of disassembling the device, which, accordingly, complicates rigging.

Moving of gun safes and ATMs Los Angeles

      Each of gun safes or ATM differs in size and weight. For example, if a gun safe weighs only 100-200 or 500 kilograms, then its transportation does not cause any difficulties. But there are such devices whose weight exceeds 1.5 tons. Therefore, the independent transportation of gun safes and rigging in Los Angeles is not only fraught with financial damage, but also dangerous to health. In order to organize the transfer, transportation of a piano, a gun safe, an ATM from a bank or other oversized cargoes, managers of a moving company, drivers and movers must necessarily carry out preparatory work that will simplify loading and transportation, as well as protect equipment from damage and breakdowns:

    • arrange a place for fastenings in the car body;

    • organize a place for lifting;

    • to simplify the descent of the stairs (if necessary), using such special equipment for the transportation of a gun safe in Los Angeles, such as rails or flooring;

    • prepare special devices that will help to move and load a heavy object.

Dismantling, loading and transportation of gun safes and ATMs Los Angeles

ATMs and gun safes are transported in several stages:

    1. Dismantling a gun safe or ATM (removing the fasteners, disassembling the facade, removing it from a niche, turning off the electronics, etc.).

    2. Installation on a pallet and moving (after the gun safe or ATM has been dismantled, it is necessary to install a massive object on a pallet, which will simplify transportation and secure the structure).

    3. Loading a gun safe into a vehicle upon moving and securing it.

    4. Special selection of packaging materials.

    5. ATM transportation with preliminary development of route features.

       Of course, to the truck that is used for this kind of transportation, special, strict requirements are put forward. First of all, the machine must be equipped with special fastening materials in the body, which guarantee the reliability and correct installation. Traditionally use anchor bolts that allow you to securely secure a safe or ATM on the floor. Such measures help to preserve the integrity of the electronics of the device and its housing under shaking conditions. Car loading capacity for transportation of this kind of cargo should be at least 1.5 tons. If gun safes or ATMs need to be transported urgently over a long distance, it is better to use a container with appropriate fasteners.

The specifics of transportation of gun safes and ATMs Los Angeles

      Transportation of a gun safe using the Stear Moving company is a full range of services for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. Its cost depends on the weight of the item and its dimensions, which you can find out by calling the indicated numbers or leaving a request on the site. Competent managers will quickly contact you to help you calculate the price and organize a quality and efficient moving of your property:

    • develop in advance the route of transport with mandatory consideration for the quality of the roadway and speed;

    • take care of insurance, which protects property from unforeseen situations and guarantees compensation for damage in case of force majeure;

    • If the ATM or gun safe is not empty, they will necessarily arrange special escort in order to protect property and personnel safety, which serves the transportation.

And experienced drivers and a team of professional movers will ensure a careful and accurate attitude, integrity and serviceability of devices.


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