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Moving Tips by Stear Movers

Label all the boxes on the top and sides. Simply use  K    MB   BR      GB   G  signs of whatever you think is better.

Make sure you have arranged where to put all your furniture in the new place before arriving at the new place.

Do this couple of days before the move. It will save your dollars and helps to avoid a mess when unloading the truck. 

If you take apart furniture you have to make sure all parts will be labeled and all hardware taped to the main base.

Try to pack all electronic equipment in the original boxes.

Otherwise, just notify a team leader to wrap it in moving blanket.

Pack items that you will not need for a long time first.

Make sure all boxes are taped good without open tops.

Open tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck and may cause a space lack.

You can leave some of your close in the dresser drawers however it is better to pack all fragile stuff in boxes.

If you have a hardwood floor or white carpet please notify a moving company in advance. In that case, we will cover all the space we need to walk through.

To get a better price you should make your reservation in advance. Usually two-three weeks before the move. Last minute reservation may be a challenge.

Make sure all flammable materials such as propane, gas, paint, etc will be on site. Moving companies cant transport hazardous materials because of igniting and explosive risk.

Prepare all essential and valuable items. Make sure to put all essential items last in the truck to get if first after arriving. It may require to do the list of valuable items such as cash bill, jewelry, gold, valuable paperwork before the loading.

Leave some of the cleaning supplies with you in the old place to make sure you’ll be able to finish the cleanup.

Try to schedule a cable guy to disconnect the services and connect it at the new place.

Defrost your fridge at least 12 hours before the move.

Try to put some heavy stuff (books/CDs/magazines/records) in small boxes only.

Always stuck dishes upward when packing. Use the wrapping paper for better protection.

Pack all the important documents separately for easy access. Notify your movers to remember this box and let them bring it for you whenever you need.

Very importand rule. The heavier the item, the smaller the box.

Don’t use used boxes. They may be not enough strong to support your belongins. Eventually it may be smashed when stacking in the truck.


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