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       Each type of piano — spinet, piano, grand piano — is a voluminous, heavy instrument that can be easily set mechanical damage. The cast iron frame of a musical instrument is very heavy, and some pianos can weigh more than half a ton. (This is especially true for rare instruments of the late 19th — early 20th century). To perform such a procedure as transporting pianos in Los Angeles inexpensively, you must not only correctly calculate the size of the instrument, but also select a team of strong and experienced movers.

Transportation of the piano Los Angeles : stages of work

First of all, the owners of the piano must compare the size of the piano with the main problems that may arise on the way when carrying it: doorways, flights of stairs, entrance doors. The professional transport company Stear Moving provides piano transportation services in Los Angeles, guaranteeing the safety of such a valuable and demanding thing quickly and inexpensively.

  • Regardless of the type of stringed keyboard instrument, the load must be properly prepared using specialized packaging materials. Our movers will securely fasten the piano cover and keyboard with special thick and soft blankets for transporting demanding goods, wrap the instrument and secure the packaging with adhesive tape. Such measures guarantee the integrity of the piano and its safety from any mechanical damage.

  • The weight of the piano can vary from 180 to more than 600 kilograms. Therefore, it is important to choose the optimal team of movers. The need for working hands is estimated at about two man movers per 100-140 kg of weight. If you need to transport the piano, our team will provide professional instrument analysis services.

  • It is better to carry the piano in short intervals of not more than 100 meters. Put the tool on the floor gently and accurately, without shaking it once again. Moving the piano is justified using a special platform on casters.

  • If the transportation of the tool is part of the overall moving, then such a dimensional load must first be delivered to the machine so that there is room in the truck for the optimal location of the housegoods.

Pianos Transportation: Key Points

Loading, unloading a piano in a truck is only a part of the question. During the transportation of the piano, our movers team will help you choose the best route so that the instrument does not suffer on city roads. This service is included in the total cost of the order «Transportation of the piano Los Angeles is inexpensive».

  • It is necessary to plan the route in such a way that, firstly, to reduce the travel time for a demanding tool, and secondly, to avoid shaking during transportation.

  • It is recommended to take the piano out of the truck using a platform: each instrument, regardless of age and type, has at least 3 wheels, with which you can lower a heavy load from an inclined surface. During this procedure, tool support is mandatory.

  • Lifting a piano is an extremely delicate process that requires no less precision than loading, disassembling a piano into a car for transportation. Wearing the piano is recommended over short distances.

Entrust the transportation of your favorite musical instrument to a team of professionals. The price of services will surely please you!


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