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        We are all a little movers. The ability to carry loads in humans is innate. Many people pay money in gym clubs for the opportunity to work out with weight and exercise. Movers, carrying goods, earn money. What is the difference between a mover working in a moving company and any other mover? What is the responsibility of such a mover? What should he be able to do, what skills to use and what tools to use when moving? Stear Moving Company, in addition to apartment, cottage and office moving, performs rigging, provides movers for loading, unloading and storage, assembles / disassembles and packs furniture, performs the rise of building materials in apartments and objects under construction. 

        «Where is the specificity here?» — you ask. Take it and carry it. Performing an apartment move, our movers, at your request, will turn off the dishwasher and washing machine, remove the chandeliers and disconnect all appliances. For such work, the skills and knowledge of plumbing and electricians are required. Disassembling, assembling and packing furniture are very specific services that are provided only when moving and repairing. Our movers are also furniture collectors. Transportation of the piano, whose weight is always more than 200 kg., Belongs to the category of rigging. Movers do not just have to carry an object weighing 300 kg., But carry it very carefully, without damaging both the tool itself and the doorposts, walls and floors. But the piano is not the most difficult and uncomfortable item to carry. During office crossings, our movers carry and lift safes weighing up to 750 kg up the stairs. and server racks. Let’s list the professions necessary for movers for high-quality and effective work on moving:

    • Plumber

    • An electrician

    • Furniture assembler

    • Packer

    • Rigger

        Given that half of our movers are professional drivers who know the rules and methods of laying, fixing furniture and cargo in the back of a truck, add excellent physical fitness, endurance, unpretentiousness and the ability to work in both hot and cold conditions to all these professions. Understand what it means to be a loader working in a company dealing with relocations.


Is the small friendly business that is over 4 years in business. We do 3-5 moves every day since 2015 and we only have 5 stars feedbacks.

People love us because we always try to do our best, we give honest and competitive quotes and we always do what we promise.

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