Recently, the service of storage is becoming more and more popular. During moving, repairing an apartment or office; with a reduction in residential, office and retail space; for the duration of a long business trip or renting out an apartment — using the storage service will greatly simplify your life. Stear Moving company — a professional in the field of storage and movement of property — provides the possibility of long-term or temporary storage of things of any size and value.

        Storage at the Stear Moving company’s warehouse is a useful and reliable service that has been tested by hundreds of our customers (both organizations and individuals). We store a wide variety of cargoes: from fragile items and personal items to large-sized equipment and large office equipment.

       Stear Moving company has at its disposal a spacious “A” class warehouses designed to provide the best storage conditions for any type of cargo. Our warehouse is equipped with a temperature and humidity control system, anti-dust flooring and an autonomous power station. It complies with the requirements of fire safety and protection against unauthorized access to protected objects.

       Handing over the property to our warehouse, you can be absolutely sure of its safety and security. In addition, you can pick up your things at any time, shorten or increase to storage time, order delivery of your things to your home or office.

How are things stored with the Stear Moving company?

  1. The storage process is well planned and organized, so it will not take you much time and labor.

  2. You call the Stear Moving company and order the service “Storage in LA”

  3. Our specialist determines what kind of storage space is needed to store your belongings, what packaging materials will be needed to pack them, what type of freight transport and how many movers will be involved in the delivery of the property to the warehouse, after which it calculates the cost of the storage service.

  4. Having approved the amount, you conclude an agreement with the Stear Moving company on the provision of storage services.

  5. At the agreed time, our professional movers-packers arrive at the specified address for:

    • disassemble the furniture and dismantle the equipment;
    • packing the property in high-quality packaging materials prepared in advance and brought with them, mark each packaged item;
    •  immerse things in vehicles equipped for transportation of goods and transport them to the warehouse.
  1. Upon delivery of the property to the warehouse, an invoice is drawn up with a detailed list of your belongings, and you are assigned a unique customer number in our database.

  2. Your items can be stored in our warehouse for as long as you need it. As soon as you decide to pick up things, contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will promptly deliver them to anywhere in Los Angeles.

  3. Having delivered your property to the indicated place, our employees, if necessary, will unpack things, collect and arrange furniture, take out packing materials and clean the room.

       The “Storage” service will be considered completed after you check the real list of things with the invoice and check their integrity. Put your things in safe custody of Stear Moving company, trust the professional, and we, in turn, will do our best to make cooperation with us comfortable and useful for you.

We have completed a lot of orders for storage in our warehouses. Order storage:

  • A reliable way to organize storage of things when moving or repairing is to order the «Storage» service in Stear Moving company LA

  • Reliable storage of your items in a warehouse is Stear Moving company.

  • A comprehensive solution for the delivery of your items to the warehouse and their subsequent storage of any complexity.


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