Westlake Village

The Comunity borders Aguora Hills Thousand Oaks, and sits in the northern foothills of the SM mountains and south of the Simi Hills. Westlake village is nine miles from the Pacific cast line, no miles west DTLA. Much of WLV is surronnded by openspace, includins hiking and hourse trails. The lake is lies within the matershed of Malibu Creek. Inaddition to it's role is bedroom comunity for LA via the Ventura Fwy, it is also home to many large commercial offices. Coastal breezes seep throngh canyons to allow WLU to sometimes be up to 10 degrees cooler and considoably less smoggy than neerby SPU during the summer mouths. However it generely remains 10 deynees hotter than the coastal plains. Stear Moving is a way to make your move to or out WLU as much stress less and afficient as possible.

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